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Own Hospitals

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The library and the information center of MVM Group of Institutions is housed with a comprehensive collection of textbooks, reference books, CD-ROMs, Periodicals/Journals, E-Books in the field of Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences. The collection is organized using DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) 22/e. The library has all the books recommended by the AICTE, PCI, RGUHS and other regulatory bodies.

The digital library at MVM Group of Institutions caters to the needs of the students, teachers and the researchers, to access the E-books, Notes, and online tutorial classes round the clock. The library also has access to thousands of E-Journals including E-resources from Elsevier, ProQuest, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Helinet Consortium and National Digital Library (NDL).

The college also has a dedicated language lab according to the norms of AICTE. The language lab has 20 computers. The students can access the online courses through the SWAYAM forum.

  • To provide accurate, current information to the students, faculty and the researchers.
  • To provide information, bibliographic and indexing services to facilitate research.
  • To make information available from various libraries in and around Bangalore, through a planned resource sharing programme.
Services Offered
  • Reference
  • Circulation/Lending of books
  • Reprography
  • Wi-Fi and Internet facility
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Journal Archives
  • Article indexing
  • Bibliography

The MVM Research Labs

(In collaboration with Genelon Institute of Life Sciences, Bangalore)

Instruments Available
  • Flow Cytometer (The MACSQuantAnalyser) – Model: MiltenyiBiotec, Germany
  • Inverted Florescent Microscope (The EVOS Fluorescence Imaging System)- Model: EVOS FL, Life Technologies.
  • Cell Sorter (The MiniMACS Separator)- Model: MiltenyiBiotec, Germany.
  • Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR)- Model: ECO RT-PCR, Illumina.
  • Oxygen control CO2 incubators (O2 – CO2 Incubator (For Normoxic/Hypoxic Growth Conditions)- Model: Thermo Scientific.
  • Protein Purification Unit (The Biologic LP System)- Model: Bio-Rad.
  • Fibrometer (STart4 Coagulation Analyzer)-Model: DiagnosticaStago Inc.
  • SPECTROstar Nano-Model: BMG LABTECH, Germany.
Services Offered

We undertake contract research and collaborative research projects on the following categories

  • Analysis of various samples using UV, IR, pH, flame photometry, conductometry.
  • Design and Formulation of drug delivery systems.
  • Characterization of semisolid dosage forms using Brookfield’s Viscometer.
  • Detection of inorganic compounds, proteins.
  • Microbiology studies.
  • Extraction and Isolation of active constituents.
  • Pharmacological &Toxicological studies using animal models.
  • Drug Testing & Toxicity Studies using Stem Cells for Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes.
  • Cell Proliferation Assays using Hepatocytes, Neuronal cells, Fibroblasts, T Cells.
  • Drug Discovery and screening using G- Protein.
  • In-vivo and In-vitro drug screening models.
  • Molecular Biology Studies.
  • Electrophoresis, DNA& RNA Extraction.
  • Drug designing using software like Design Expert®.

Girls Hostel

Our ladies hostel staff is very friendly and welcoming, the premises are maintained, clean and tidy, always including the bathrooms. The bedrooms are designed and maintained comfy. The location is great-added feature with easy proximity to restaurants, medical shops, hospitals, bus and auto stands all the above convenience is available worthy for the money you shell out.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are provided with the utmost care and high competency with varieties of food coupled with quality and hygiene catering practices being adopted constantly at the women’s hostel. Grievances on any of the services offered are deal with immediate action by the ladies hostel wardens to ensure quality service is being offered without any interruption for the hostel inmates. The staff is well disciplined, caring and cooperative to the inmates of the hostel and is always ready to provide assistance to their immediate requirements. The hostel warden makes necessary arrangements for required provisions for to satisfy the personal needs of the inmates of the ladies hostel.

Your security is our responsibility; our ladies hostel is assisted by a lady warden and is always under CCTV surveillance 24/7.

In addition to the mentioned facilities which are essentially necessary for the aspirant’s educations our Ladies hostel also provides the students with absolutely free Wi-Fi and landline connection (for emergency).

As our hostel abides by the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” we strive hard to keep the students environment clean and tidy that will give a pleasant appeal for the students to study.
Some of the important things we care about our pg are

Security Assurance
  • Cleanliness
  • Studying Facilities
  • Health Care
  • Laundry
  • Dry Cleaning
  • 24 hours Security
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Transportation to College
  • 24 Hours Electricity & Water Supply
  • Pure Drinking Water
  • Hot Water Supply

Washing, ironing and dry cleaning of clothes are also taken care with individual attention for the inmates regularly on a daily basis. The inmates are treated with warm care by the hostel staff to ensure that they stay in the hostel is pleasant, homely and is supported with safety and security for the girls at the ladies hostel.

Boys Hostel

At MVM, every care is taken to provide the best facilities for students who stay away from their homes. The excellent residential facilities have been carefully planned according to international standards. Our hostels on the campus offer well-ventilated, comfortable rooms with separate hostels for girls and boys. These hostels will accommodate more than 400 students comfortably. The hostel cleanliness comforts to ace hygiene standards. Mess facilities are also available to provide the hosteller with nutrition’s and quality food.

Hostal Facilities

In this kind of accommodation, students have access to TV room, aqua guard for hot, cold and normal drinking water and other leisure/sports activities within the hostel premises. Also includes the following facilities

  • Dedicated Anti-Ragging Squad at the Hostel
  • 24x7 Wi-Fi connectivity provided in all hostels
  • CCTV cameras at entrances of all hostels and foyer inside the campus
  • 24x7 electricity and water supply in all the hostels
  • Night cafeterias up to 1.00 AM
  • Solar panels installed in all hostels for hot water
  • Caretakers and housekeeping services are provided in all hostels during day and night
  • Bike farm inside the campus for the students to buy and service their bicycle
Sports Infrastructure within campus
  • Basketball court
  • Cricket ground
  • Hockey ground
  • Indoor Badminton court
  • Table tennis
  • Chess
  • Caroms

Students Idea Hub

The Students idea Hub is meant to stimulate creativity and innovation in coordination and integration with business through work in multidisciplinary teams. These teams are frequently led by the Innovation Ambassadors or Leaders, who, each from their own field, contribute meaningful perspectives, knowledge and new ways of facing problems

Some of the ideas implemented are
  • Pop up ventures
  • Social Community Service
  • Fest Planner
  • Exhibitions & Entertainment Planner

General Facilities

  • Games Room
  • Cultural Hub
  • Cafeteria
  • Gym
  • Wifi
  • Guesthouse
  • 20 Minute route to Airport
  • Library
  • Seminar Hall